My name is Perisa (aka Risa) Esfahani. I'm a web developer, web designer, graphic designer and software engineer. I have been developing websites freelance professionally for about 5 years. I have experience in a wide array of technologies including HTML/HTML5, CSS3, PHP (LAMP), SQL, ColdFusion 11, JavaScript, jQuery and more. In addition, I am skilled in SEO, Google Analytics, online marketing and various other business tactics.

My journey in web development started when I was around 12 years old when my family got our first computer in that black and white cow printed box... Gateway.

I started playing, what I thought at the time, was the most amazing kid’s website called Neopets.com. All of my friends were playing, so of course, I needed to play too! I found this glorious thing called a "guild". Now, in order for my friends to join my guild, I had to make sure my guild page looked AMAZING! That was when my first journey of learning HTML/CSS began...

While in grade school, I started designing layouts for Xanga and MySpace and created basic web pages for local small businesses. Once I was in college, I took my first programming class at the University of Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV). I remember creating my first "Hello World" application in VB.net and thought it was absolutely brilliant. That was when I decided to pursue my bachelor's degree in MIS (Management information systems). After taking a few programming and database courses at UNLV, I started developing more complex websites for small businesses and local community organizations. I started my internship with Clark County (government) in 2012 as a Programmer Analyst Intern, prior to graduating college. In my internship, I learned C# ASP.NET and began expanding my knowledge on SQL and T-SQL.

Since graduating college in the summer of 2013, I’ve had the pleasure to work for both large and small companies in various industries. I continuously strive to learn new technologies and hone my skills as a developer. There are always new things to learn in the technology industry, which is why I am so passionate about it.


Web Design Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator, InDesign

Front-End DevelopmentHTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, AngularJS, AJAX, JSON, XML, ColdFusion 11

Back-End Development PHP (LAMP), C# (ASP.NET), SQL

I'm passionate about web design and development because I love seeing my work come to life. Knowing that you're contributing to something great and that you're helping people, is the reason I'm in this business.

Owner, Web Developer & Designer

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