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Looking for a software engineer that pushes the boundaries of creativity?
Well you came to the right place! I'm passionate about web development and my goal is to make the internet beautiful one website at a time! I'm a local web developer in Las Vegas and am accepting free lance requests.

Some of the Many Hats I Wear

My Skills

My Projects

Purify Products by Green Seen Inc. or

  • Designed responsive web layout & content.
  • Developed multi-page website and marketing tactics.
  • Created and designed all graphics on website.
  • Assisted with setup of Amazon Store and social media marketing.

Las Vegas Premier Paintball

  • Designed responsive web layout & content.
  • Developed multi-page website and marketing tactics.
  • Created and designed all graphics on website.
  • Created marketing images for all up coming events.
  • Continuously supporting and maintaining site up to date.

I've done various websites professionally for multiple employers such as Kizzang LLC and Bally Technologies.
For more information regarding my professional work, check out my LinkedIn account!

Rocket Risa

Ok so here's the scoop... My name is Perisa aka Risa. I'm an aspiring web developer and software engineer. My journey to code hood started about 14 years ago when we got our first computer and it came in that black and white cow print box... Gateway. Yep those were the days...

I started playing, what I thought at the time, was the most amazing kids website EVER. Neopets. All of my friends were playing, so of course, I needed to play too! I found this glorious thing called a "Guild". Now, in order for my friends to join my guild, I had to make sure my guild page looked AMAZING! That was when my first journey of learning HTML/CSS began...

As I got older, I started designing more webpages including layouts for Xanga and MySpace for my friends. Once I was in college, I took my first programming class and it was like angels singing and the holy lights of innovation radiated around my young creative brain. I remember creating my first "Hello World" application in and thought it was absolutely brillant. That was when I decided to get my bachelor's degree in MIS (Management information systems). I started my first internship in 2012 with Clark County as a Programmer Anaylst Intern. After my internship, that's when I decided that I wanted to fulfil my dream as a programmer.

So, what are my plans for the future?

My goal is to obtain a position with a company that puts innovation and creativity at the top of their priority list. My dream is to find a company that will allow me to express my creativity and allow me to enhance my skill set in a collaborative setting. I'd love to work for a company like Google, Amazon, Zappos, or any company that shares their passion for innovation and individuality.

Ready to take the next step to an awesome website?

Let's chat! Whether your a business owner looking for a website or an employer looking for a web developer, I'm always available to talk! I'm still taking free lance requests and am willing to consider a full-time position for the right opportunity. Let's start designing something amazing together!

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